CSS Quickstart Weekend Class

, joinJoin us for a two day weekend class designed to help you up to speed on CSS quickly so you can put your new skills to work Monday. This class is great for anyone who is new to web design or those who want to fully grasp CSS so you won’t have to guess and do a ton of trial and errors each time you edit a site or WordPress theme.


This class will be held over two days. Friday, February 18th for one hour in the evening and Saturday, February 19th for three hours with breaks and lunch hour in between.

What we will cover:

  • Understanding basic HTML code and how that translate into what you see on your browser (you have to know a little HTML to use CSS) so you know what you are working with
  • How to read and comprehend CSS syntax so you can master them and create your own styles
  • Applying CSS to HTML tags
  • What’s the difference, why and when to use ID’s, Classes and spans so you will finally know what to do when customizing a WordPress theme and not leave it to guess work
  • Understanding CSS hierarchy so you won’t waste time with trial and error
  • Applying and overriding existing styles with your own, particularly for WordPress themes so you can customize themes without touching the original theme making upgrades painless

And much, much more…

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