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The technical jargon Amazon uses for its S3 services is enough to give you a headache and turn you away but in reality it is quite a simple and easy system to you. This course blows away the technical jargon by explaining it to you in plain English and shows you how to get the best use out of this extremely low cost and valuable service.

What You Will Learn

  • Course Overview
  • What Is It?
  • Common Uses
  • How To Use It
  • Tools You Will Need
  • User Permissions
  • Available WordPress Plugins
  • Using The Web Console
  • Permissions Explained
  • Creating Expiring URLs
  • Protecting Video Content
  • Setting Up CNAME for URLS With Your Own Brand
  • Working With Folders
  • Restricting Users To A Bucket

Working Files

  • User Creation Checklist
  • User Policy Setup Checklist
  • Copy And Paste Code To Restrict User Access To Specified Bucket
  • Complimentary Video Plugin