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It is almost impossible to tweak your blog or website design anymore without working with stylesheets. This is even more apparent when working with popular systems like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal and you’ll often come away feeling exhausted, confused and defeated.

It’s time to conquer those stylesheets and finally be able to move forward every time you work on your site. This course will provide you with the much needed foundations you need to make sense of it all in a friendly, easy pace you can actually follow.

What You Will Learn

  • Recognizing HTML
  • Recognizing CSS Rules
  • When to use inline styles, in page and external styles
  • Understanding classes, ID’s and DIVs
  • The box model and why you must know it
  • CSS hierarchy – why won’t it apply my style?
  • Specificity – how else you can make the browser obey
  • The important! tag
  • Browser tools to make your job faster and easier
  • WordPress plugin for easier code editing

Working Files

  • CSS cheatsheet
  • Practice page