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You already have a good basic understanding of what CSS (Cascading style sheets) can do and you enough to tweak most designs but still get hung up on certain areas. This short and easy to follow course can help you overcome those areas, expand your web design skills so you can begin creating more polished looks for your clients or your own sites.

What You Will Learn

  • Preparing a basic table, resetting font and spacing
  • Styling table rows simply
  • Implement alternating shaded rows for easier reading of data
  • Implementing these styles in WordPress
  • Understanding form structures and where/what you can style
  • Adding Google Webfonts to forms to mimic hand written feel
  • Creatively styling the submit button for usability and improved conversions
  • Using Stylizer to make your work 10x’s faster

Working Files

  • HTML/CSS source code for all examples
  • Where to find deals for web design tools and resources