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It is unfortunate that no webmaster or blogger is safe anymore from website hacking. This is especially true when running on a content management or blog system like WordPress. If you own a website or blog and have not experienced this, it is only a matter of time. Someday, some time, some new loop hole will strike you. Sadly by then, most bloggers and site owners don’t know what to do because they always thought they have been careful. Truth is, you can only reduce your vulnerability and make yourself a smaller, more difficult target.

Before you even get there, have a plan what to do. This course can help.

What You Will Learn

  • How they get in
  • General steps you need to take
  • The ideal ways to shut down your site
  • How to protect yourself and your content before attempting to clean up
  • List of things to check/clean
  • What to secure to make yourself a tougher target
  • Restricting Folders
  • What to monitor and how to set it up
  • Protecting WordPress Admin
  • How to detect file changes daily and get notified
  • Daily best practices

Working Files

  • File change detection script
  • File change detection CRON job commands
  • Code to shut down all website traffic
  • Code to close access to various parts of WordPress
  • Code to fix password protected WordPress admin throwing 404 not found error
  • List of sandbox programs
  • List of password keepers
  • List of backup systems