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It doesn’t matter what you use. All web sites are made out of HTML and CSS. You may be using a content management system for day-to-day management but you’ll come to a point where you realize a little knowledge will go a long way. In fact, it will help you overcome many many minor frustrations that content management systems can’t help you with.

What You Will Learn

  • HTML/CSS, Why Bother?
  •  Understanding HTML’s Basic Structure
  • Common HTML tags
  • Adding
  • Line Breaks and Paragraphs
  • Image Options
  • Simple Styling With CSS
  • Styling Lists
  • Styling DIVs
  • Basic CSS Inclusion
  • Creating A Squeeze Page Part 1
  • Creating A Squeeze Page Part 2
  • Creating A Squeeze Page Part 3

Working Files

  • Basic HTML Practice Template
  • Finished Squeeze Page Template For Reference