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Website speed is important. Not only because search engines are paying more attention to is, slow websites can mean loss of customers or prospect who might subscribe to your list. Even worse, if you already have customers, a slow website can frustrate them and ultimately give them a negative experience. Take this course to familiarize yourself with the content delivery options, why you should use them and how to configure it to work with WordPress so your site can now be blazingly fast and serve your customers better.

What You Will Learn

  • Course Overview
  • What Is A CDN
  • Tools You’ll Be Using
  • Installing W3 Total Cache
  • Configuring Basic Settings
  • Configuring Your CDN
  • Excluding Files from Your CDN
  • Checking Your Site
  • Using CloudFlare
  • CloudFlare & W3 Total Cache 

Working Files

  • Gotchas & Lookout!
  • Speed Up Your Website Blueprint