February 10

Add Authors To Blogger


Objective: To add multiple authors to your blogs in Blogger

  • STEP 1: Log into your account

  • STEP 2: Click “Settings” tab

  • STEP 3: Click “Permissions” link

    • You will see all the people with permission to post to your blog. If you haven’t added any authors yet, you’ll only see your name there.

blogger - add authors_html_m251cedf7

  • STEP 4: Click the “Add Authors” button

blogger - add authors_html_m5a52c794

  • STEP 5: Enter author’s email address

blogger - add authors_html_34765006

  • STEP 6: Click “Invite”

blogger - add authors_html_7f61530f

    • You’ll see a screen that shows your open invitations. Here you may choose to invite again or remove.

    • The people you invited will receive an email. To accept, they will need to click on the link in the email and fill in their information on the screen.

    • As soon as they log into their account, the acceptance is complete and they will see your blog in their list of blogs.

  • STEP 7: Click “Permissions” to view authors

    • To view accepted and open (pending) invitations, click on “Permissions”


    • “aseba” has accepted the invitation and is an author (or “guest” on some versions.) The other three have not accepted yet. You’ll notice that as the owner of the blog, you are automatically “admin” and those you add are “guest”.

    • Author or guest means they can simply manage their own posts (post, edit, delete). If you want to change them to admin, just click the link and it will automatically change them.

    • Admin means they’ll be able to manage all the post, change settings, templates, etc…just like you can when logged into Blogger.

  • STEP 8: Log Out


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