July 12

Amazon S3 Usage & Configuration Guide


This class helps you understand the way Amazon S3 works, how to use it to create expiring URLs, display protected videos and also how to manage access to your buckets.

Working Files

  • Checklist: create a user
  • Checklist: set up user policy (permissions)
  • Permissions [S3 bucket=m.techbasedtraining.com/s3 text=policy to restrict users’ access to specific bucket]restrict-user-bucket-access.txt[/S3]
  • Complimentary [S3 bucket=tbplugins.s3.amazonaws.com/easyvideo text=Easy Video Player plugin]tbp_easyvideo_0.3.zip[/S3]
  • Complimentary Private MP3 plugin – plays protected MP3 audio[/wptabcontent]


AmazonS3, cloud, storage, WordPress

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