September 16

aMember Power Series: Design Customization Access


This page contains the video tutorials and related resources for the aMember Power Series: Design Customization training. To watch the videos, click the links below.

01 Introduction (3:49)

02 Reviewing the design we want to match, making backups and site page edits (12:46)

03 Customizing header and footers (13:16)

04 Customizing overall colors and sign in pages (8:46)

05 Customizing table colors and internal member account pages (13:32)

06 How to upgrade-proof your customizations (8:37)

07 How to install Smart Theme (4:04)

08 Changing Smart Theme Colors (2:35)


Smart Theme for aMember All four colors included. Please watch video #8 to learn how to switch colors.

Additional Resources

HTML theme used in the video lesson

PsPad – a free text editor for Windows. This is the very same tool I used in the videos. You can download the Installer version if unsure. If you use a Mac, you might want to try TextWrangler. It is a free tool.

Here is a complimentary step-by-step checklist showing you how to connect PsPad to your site to make edits live.


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