September 23

aMember Power Series: Design Customization


Discover How To Customize aMember In 1 Hour With This Easy, Step-by-Step Video Training

Impress Your Members Before They Even Log In

Have you ever got all excited about joining a membership site, and got a little worried when you had to log in on a very bland, generic page that looked nothing like the sales page? You aren’t the only one. You see, continuity in a sales process is very important. You can have the best sales page design, the best membership card or ecover graphics (and most people do) but when you direct people to a login page that looks like a totally different website, it can dampen your customers’ enthusiasm and color their initial impression about your product.

Impressions Count

Without a solid product, you won’t have happy members no matter how pretty you dress it up. But when you already have a great product, that doesn’t give you the license to sloppy presentation. Think about it. When you go to a meeting with a prospect in the hopes of winning their business. Surely you don’t arrive in shorts and flip flops. Instead, you go to great lengths to pick out a smart and clean outfit because you want to make a good impression.

Stand Out From The Crowd

aMember is a very popular membership site system. With good reason. It is solid, has been around a while and it works. But with popularity comes commonness and after a while, every other membership site powered by aMember begins to look like the other. Including yours.

Many just don’t go the extra mile to customize aMember’s member management area. And little wonder because documentation on it is sparse. To add on to that, the templates uses a special PHP template system that may be easy enough for someone who knows what they are doing, but intimidating for those who are new or wanting to learn.

We’ll Show You The Shortcuts

In this video training, we’ll walk you through step-by-step:

  • Which files you should edit and which you should leave well alone
  • Where in those files to edit
  • How to edit the designs in a way that will prevent you from completely losing all your hard work after an upgrade
  • How to match an existing design so the member’s account area fits with the rest of your site

Whether you are a designer, a virtual assistant or a product owner, we know you want to get this done today. You want to cut to the chase and begin customizing right away. That’s how this training and all our training is designed. You won’t find a ton of background information just to add bulk or any boring manuals to read. Watch and apply at the same time and you’ll be ready to customize any aMember powered site in as little as 1 hour.

If you want to take it a little further, we also created a theme from scratch just for you and included it in this training. With this theme, you can completely change the member account design by simply uploading the theme files. With the theme, you get:

  • 4 different theme colors
  • Tutorial on how to install the theme
  • Tutorial on how to switch the theme colors

Just the theme alone, could cost you the entire price of this training if not more. And we might in the future remove the theme to sell separately. So don’t miss out. Grab this easy to follow, quality training and the theme today for a low $37.

Get your training for a super low price of only $37
Pro members get this for 37 points
This price can change at any time. Get it today to avoid disappointment.


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