January 4

aMember Emailing Wrong Subject Title

Problem: You try to send affiliates an email and in the body of the email you have a copy/paste promo e.g.

When you try to send this email, instead of the subject you entered, in the example below “Affiliates Send This Now”, aMember uses the subject line that is inside your email “I found this great new product”

The reason is, in the older version of aMember, you had to upload your email templates for transactional emails to your site. aMember would ‘scan’ these templates for the ‘Subject’. Since aMember still bases its emails on this method, when it finds Subject:, it assumes that to be the subject you really want to use.

Solution: Do not use Subject: use some other format like [Subject] or *Subject* in your email to affiliates.

*Note: This can happen in any email you send out not just to affiliates. But the problem usually happens in emails sent to affiliates because that is usually when people use “Subject:” regularly inside the body of the email.



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