August 26

aMember Power Series: phpBB Forum


Running Around In Circles Trying To Add A phpBB Forum To Your Membership Site?

You Can Stop Now

So, you want a forum added to your membership site? I bet you want to spend no more than one or two hours on it. That’s usually what most people expect but they make one big miscalculation. They forget to account for the small fact that they have never connected a forum to aMember before, much less the latest phpBB3 forum.

Listen, when phpBB3 first came out and my partners decided it was time to upgrade on one of our membership sites, it was one of the most painful upgrades. And get this, we were far from spring chickens with the forum and aMember. The reason, phpBB3 is a totally new beast compared to their older versions. They might as well have called it a new name. It is that different.

We had to pretty much re-learn everything and amongst that, the new and very confusing member access and permissions scheme. Throw aMember in and you have an even larger tangle in your hands. The end result, we spent way more time on it than we budgeted for. Once again, keep in mind we are experienced users.

Wouldn’t you love to have someone just show you the ropes? Someone to walk you through, lay out the steps so you can simply follow along and have the forum be done with, ready for you to move on? We would.

This is why you win because you can have all that with this aMember-phpBB training module. You’ll find easy to follow video tutorials that guide you through:

  • Ordering, installing and configuring the aMember phpBB plugin
  • Downloading, installing and configuring phpBB3 forum
  • How to shave off time spent installation phpBB3 – great when you are working for many clients
  • The different ways to protect the forum and the result of each method – sometimes you need to know not just how but why and how it would affect your members’ experience
  • The best way to set up forum groups for member and non member access permissions
  • Setting up forum groups and configuring access permissions for multiple level membership with multiple level forum access
  • How to connect all these forum groups to each product so they make sense

You can either keep spending time with the trial and error method or get this training to help you get it done quickly and painlessly so you can move on, save time or even make more on your packaged services if you are doing this for your clients. Best of all, we’ll get you through your learning in 1 hour or less depending how many forum levels you are setting up. Actually, if you follow along as you learn you won’t even notice the learning time.

Get the training now and profit from your new skills faster.

Get your training for a super low price of only $27 $19.97
Pro members get this for 20 points (A bargain!)
This price can change at any time. Get it today to avoid disappointment.


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