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Approving & Editing Content in Mambo


STEP 1: Log in with your user name and password.

STEP 2: Editing a submitted article

  • On the home page of a submitted article, click the Latest Items tab:

Latest items

  • This shows all the latest items that were added to the database, whether they were submitted through a web form or by our staff.

    • NOTE: Articles submitted through the web need to be approved and, where necessary, edited prior to publication.

  • Find the article you are looking for and click on the title.

STEP 3: Editing the article

  • Make sure the article is appropriate for the category it was submitted to

        • If not, then change the section and/or category to the appropriate one

  • HTML coding is necessary to format the articles

        • Before each paragraph add <p>

        • After each paragraph, add </p>

        • Links in the resource box must be clickable

          • It’ll show

          • You need it to read:

<a target="_blank"href="">

  • Add the title of the article to the keyword box and the first paragraph of the article to the description in the Meta Info tab.

Meta data

  • On the Publishing tab, all you need to change in the Published box. If you accept the article and want it published, then click the box.

  • You don’t usually want other author’s articles on the front page unless they are really well-written and useful. In that case, you would also click the Show on Frontpage box.


  • Click the Save icon in the top right part of the page


STEP 1: Log in

STEP 2: Add article

  • From the home page (or control panel), select Content -> section you need to add the article to -> “Section Items”

Add article

  • Click New icon at the top

  • Fill in Title and select Category

  • Unless otherwise informed, the author of the articles should say, “”

Publishing Info

  • Follow steps under Add External Articles to complete addition


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