April 12

Check Survey Campaign in Easy Internet Survey


Objective: To view the stats of a survey you have running in Easy Internet Survey

Log in at www.easyinternetsurvey.com

  • STEP 1: Campaign Overview
    • Click “Campaign Manager” to get an overview of your survey campaigns.


    • This page tells you:
      • The name & type of campaign you are running
      • Title of the campaign (you named when setting up)
      • Date the campaign was created
      • Number of responses received
      • Number of questions each campaign has
      • Campaign status whether it’s active or closed
      • Link to get the code for that individual campaign
  • STEP 2: View Individual Campaigns
    • Click the # of responses on the as shown above in the red circle

This will bring up a summary page for the individual campaign. See below, it tells us we are viewing the responses from the “Moms Talk Ebook Feedback: campaign.


    • This page shows the following:
      • Date the survey was taken
      • Name of the user who took the survey
      • User email address
      • URL they used to take the survey
      • Their IP Address
    • Click on “View Response” to view that person’s responses
  • STEP 3: Sort Results

There are several ways to sort your survey results by using the drop down features at the bottom of the page.

    • You can sort the details by:
      • Name
      • Email
      • URL
      • IP Address
      • Date
    • You can adjust the list by ascending or descending depending on whether you want to see the newest or oldest results first.


    • You can also search responses by keywords in the answer, email address or the person’s name.
  • STEP 4: Individual Reports
    • Alternately, if you would prefer to view an individual response, you can simply click ‘View Individual Report’ at the top of the Reports page


    • This view offers similar sort & search options as above however, you can also sort by:
      • Questions
      • Answers


  • STEP 5: Log Out
    • Once you’re finished viewing your results, log out of your account


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