Class Schedule

The following is a calendar of confirmed classes on our schedule. Typically we will try to have one week break between topics so we can all have a breather. Be informed that topics, dates, times and number of classes are subject to change because we like to be ultra-flexible to fit your learning needs and pace. If at the end of a 2 week module we think we need another class to cover areas that come up based on your input, we’ll add an extra class or two. If we finish early, we’ll be mindful of your time and remove unnecessary classes.

Keep a close watch on this page and especially emails we will use to communicate changes to you.

Enter Classroom

Enter Classroom

Questions For The Trainer?

Class is the best time to have your questions answered. Don’t miss this opportunity to ask your question. It is as close to a private consult session without the hourly fees. You can ask as many as you like. Questions will be answered live in class. Click to ask.

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