Accelerated Curriculum For 2012

Hi! This was actually sent out via email in April. However, I understand how easily emails can get lost or buried. So it is reprinted here in case you missed it.

Let’s finish this now so you can start earning sooner


Great news! After speaking at a couple of webinars and
attendees recently, it occurred to me that speed to market
is very important.

What do I mean? Simply this. 

You don’t want to be waiting 3, 6 or 12 months to learn
a skill and earn from it. You want to be able to learn now
(or reasonably soon) then turn right around to accept a
client’s job, or start taking on more of those jobs.

This is why, I spent all day last Friday, nailing down class
topics and sped up your classes schedule.

Instead of spreading out the last 8 classes for the year,
from May through July, we will be holding 3 classes a
month so we can complete our learning calendar early.
Add the classes and courses put out January through
April, altogether, you will have 13 learning resources.

But I’ve got more. In May (just a day away), I will be
conducting a 2 day intensive class called KickstartWP.
It will be sold for a tiny price during a promo, but since
you are an All-Access Plan member you get to come to
that class for no charge.

The, after this 3 month intensive learning stint, you get
to learn from guest teachers. So far, I’ve secured 3
guest teachers.

All in all, you will receive 18 classes and courses this
year. Beginning August, I’ll have open office hours
where you can drop in to ask any tech questions and
work out your roadblocks together. More on that as
the time nears.

Finally, don’t forget, all your knowledge base access
and goodies remain in your account for the rest of the
year. That’s a lot of tech resources at your disposal!

Here’s what’s scheduled throughout May at 12pm

* Speeding up WordPress sites with Amazon Cloudfront
and Cloudflare (May 9th)
* Using aMember 4 (May 16th)
* Kickstart WP – learn to setup and design WordPress
sites with no FTP, HTML, CSS. Everything is point and
click. (May 17th & 18th)
* Customizing aMember 4 design (May 23rd)

Log in to your account to view classes scheduled for June,
July and beyond.


If you lost your password, retrieve it from here

or, send us a help request and we’ll reset it for you.

I’m really looking forward to putting it all in your hands
early so you can profit from your newly acquired skills
quickly. See you in in class!

Your Tech Guide,
Lynette Chandler

P/S: Once the live classes are completed, we’ll focus on adding more code snippets and knowledge base entries.

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