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Amazon S3 Usage & Configuration Guide

With this course you will finally understand the way Amazon S3 works, how to use it to create expiring URLs, display protected videos and also how to manage access to your buckets.

aMember Pro Design

Help ease customer fears about buying from you or joining your membership site. Customize your aMember system to match your brand.

aMember Pro For Digital Product Delivery

Through this course's real life example, learn to set up, use and manage an aMember Pro membership site and manage it daily.

Cascading Stylesheets For Beginners

All you wanted to do is change one thing on your site but you spend hours spinning your wheels. No more! Gain the critical foundation you need to get those stylesheets under control.

Creating Richer Content Using WordPress Custom Fields & Metaboxes

Learn to use custom fields for consistent, perfectly formatted posts every time.

Getting To Know WordPress Multisite

Stop hitting brick walls, and save yourself the frustration. Take this course to familiarize yourself with WordPress's Multisite feature so you can finally make use of its power.

Hacking Recovery System

Don't kid yourself. It could be only a matter of time you find your site hacked and not knowing what to do next. If you don't have a plan for when a disaster like this strikes, you need this course.

HTML & CSS For Beginners

Content Management Systems are great until they can't do what you want them to. That's when you realize HTML knowledge is really valuable. Learn the basics with this course.

Improve Your CSS Skills

Know just enough of CSS to be dangerous and not satisfied? Take this 'next step' course to build upon what you already know and kick your web design skills up a notch.

Speed Up Your Website

Making your website faster means you're giving prospects and customers a better experience. This course will help navigate all the confusing options and get your site configured properly.

Using WordPress Shortcodes To Boost Productivity

Tired of repeatedly updating the same data over and over on each page? Shortcodes can make it so easier. This course shows how.

WishlistMember Explained

Excited to get your WishlistMember site running but frustrated with the many options? This course helps you understand what makes Wishlistmember tick so you can make it work your way.