April 15

Create A New Account In QuickBooks


Objective: to add a new customer and create an invoice.

  • STEP 1: Open QuickBooks

    • Click on QuickBooks shortcut or

      • Click Start > All Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks


  • STEP 2: Open a New Account

    • Click Invoices

    • Select New


  • STEP 3: Add a New Customer.

    • Choose Add New from the drop-down menu to the right of the Customer Box.

      • When you click on the arrow, all your current customers are listed.


    • Enter customer’s name.

      • This is the only required information now. You can return later and complete the customer information.

        • Click OK if you want to continue the invoice using only the customer’s name.

      • You can skip Opening Balance and Date. Opening Balance will show when you complete the invoice.


    • Enter company name then hit TAB to continue entering contact information.


    • Addresses: Click Edit

      • Using the Edit Address window ensures that the address information aligns correctly on the customer information page.

    • Fill in the street address as you would like it printed out.

    • Hit TAB to continue entering address information.

    • When finished, click OK


  • STEP 4: Complete the Invoice

    • Click the down arrow to view the list of products and services you offer.

    • Select the product or service that applies to the invoice.

      • If the product or service is not listed, click Add New and add a new product or service.

      • Use general terms for items. Write details in the Description.

    • Hit TAB to move from one field to another.


    • Type a description.

      • The description is where you write specifics about the item.

    • Enter quantity.

      • If you charge based on hours, pages, or words for a service, enter the number.

    • Enter the rate you charge per hour, per page, or per word for your service or enter the cost for the product.

      • The total amount calculates automatically.


    • Print or Email Invoice

      • Click Print to print the invoice.

      • Click Email if you want QuickBooks to send the invoice to the customer by email.

        • Invoices are sent as an attached PDF file.


    • Click Save & Close.


  • STEP 5: Exit QuickBooks.

    • Click File > Exit


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