July 1

Create and Edit a Page in Wiki


Objective: to create a new wiki page and edit it

  • STEP 1: Login on your Wiki

  • STEP 2: Select Area For Your New Page

    • Click on the link where you would like to add your new word.

Edit Wiki Page 1

      • In this case, you are taken to a directory page, which contains a list of all the words beginning with the letter “P.”

  • STEP 3: Add a New Word to the Directory Page

    • Click “Edit Page” at the bottom of the page to add a new word to this list.

Edit Wiki Page 2

      • You are taken to a new page where you see the code for this list.

Note: Wiki does NOT use standard HTML. You will need to use the code located in the help section of Wiki to determine how to format your content. Example: Double brackets create forced links & equal marks determine font size.

The example below shows double brackets and the words Permission Based Marketing squished together as one word then a space and then the same words separated, as they should be. This will create a hyperlink on the “P” directory page.

Edit Wiki Page 3

    • Preview the new page and Store when you are satisfied with the results. After you store the new word, you will be taken back to the word list.

  • STEP 4: Create a New Word Definition Page

    • Click on the new word, which is now available on the list.

      • You will be taken to a page with a text box where you can insert the word, definition, and other information.

    • Add your word or word phrase to this page by inserting equal marks on either side of the word phrase. (How many you insert determines the text size).

    • Double space and add the definition, post or content.

Edit Wiki Page 4

    • Click store to save.

  • STEP 5: Log out


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