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CSS Quickstart Coaching


Nail Down CSS Now
Or Keep Wrestling With Your Web Sites

Take Your Pick

It doesn’t matter whether you use a static web design template, WordPress, content management systems or even shopping carts. Modern web design uses a lot of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

If you are new to web design or perhaps you “know just enough to be dangerous”, you can try to wing it by Googling for copy and paste solutions.

We wish you luck and lots of patience because you will need tons of it. Yes, the Internet is overflowing with code snippets and great explanations but it won’t help that much if you don’t understand the context in which you are applying the code.

The result, you break the design entirely then panic because you do not have enough knowledge to fix it. When you try to back out your edits, the design somehow is never quite the same again. Now, you’re worse off than you were, plus you’ve wasted hours of precious time.

WHY Put Yourself Through All That Stress?

It is time to get a grasp on CSS so you can move on to other things. If you are a virtual assistant, wouldn’t it make sense to gain this knowledge which can push your skills to a whole new level and let you offer more value to your clients? Of course it does.

Get Started Now

Before you go out and buy that book or sign up for a subscription to a video tutorial archive, you may want to know…

There’s A Better Way To Learn

It is proven that you learn better when you are engaged and when you practice what you are taught. If you have both plus someone to guide you along the way, that’s the best.

This is the reason why the CSS Quickstart training is structured as a 4 week, hands on coaching style program. In this special training program, you will receive:

  • Weekly video tutorials that walk you through the essentials so you can gain the much needed ground floor knowledge
  • Weekly lesson highlights in print format so you can quickly flip through to review the most pertinent points of the video lessons that you may have missed when watching the videos
  • Weekly assignments so you can practice, demonstrate how well you understand what you learned and cement your understanding to the subject
  • A private forum so you can get access to our teachers and be given personal attention. A safe place to ask your questions and get help without having to feel like others are laughing at you.
  • A private sandbox for you to practice your homework. This way, you won’t get distracted with other unrelated technical issues or have additional work setting up your test ground.
  • Additional lesson: Fun With Lists to help you understand how you can use CSS to create horizontal lists, lists with graphical bullets and more so you can finally be a pro with those challenging lists in WordPress and any other system
  • Additional lesson: Using Firebug so you can master this time saving tool in order to zero in on problem areas or spot with precision, the code to tweak swiftly
  • Bonus macro software This little software is our strong right arm. It helps you write your styles with less typing and less mistakes too. With a keystroke, the software can type up strings of CSS code saving you tons of typing. This software has a real retail value of $39.95 and may not be included in future sessions.
  • 31 bonus macros pre-configured to work with software. Having the software is not much help when you have to configure the macros yourself. We did the hard work for you and configured 31 commonly used CSS codes so you simply have to hit a short key, make your choices and have the software help you write the styles. Boost your code accuracy, less remembering and save time manually writing code.

I’m Ready To Start

So let’s cut to the chase.

$147 Now Or Much More Later

Fact: We charge $100 per hour just to consult with us. You don’t have to worry about that if you get signed up for the CSS Quickstart Coaching today. It is a flat $147 for 4 full weeks of our attention, all the learning materials and bonuses.

Warning! Closing April 3rd

We want to be fair to our students and give them as much attention as we can. Since we can only give so many people full attention, we have to limit our commitment and close the doors on April 3rd.


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