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Custom Tab GPS


Build Facebook Fan Pages You Can Be Proud Of

Did you know you can display your entire blog, squeeze page or even load entire web sites inside your Facebook Fan Page? You sure can. The only down side is, the help documentation on Facebook is incomplete. That’s not all. Facebook likes to coin special terms that aren’t descriptive and often quite confusing. Before you know it, you have spent hours in front of your computer and still not any further than you were. Oh we have been there and know exactly how upsetting that can be.

End This Crazy Pursuit Now

Let Us Walk You Through Every Step of The Way

There is no earthly reason why you should continue hitting brick walls when you can be guided step-by-step through the entire process. It is a lot easier than you might have been led to believe.

As one of our self professed technophobe students said…

This actually looks like something I can do. Thanks for the step-by-step demo

Alexis Rodrigo of Alexis Rodrigo.com


Fully Brandable, 100% Controllable Tabs

Unlike other products that you may come across, this is not a set of templates or WordPress theme. Themes and templates are great. We love and use them regularly. However we believe in teaching people real skills that they utilize in their business over and over again or use to provide valuable services to other businesses who thirst for them.

Once you know the exact how, you won’t ever be tied to a specific theme or design. You are free to create custom tabs that are completely branded to your site down to the tiny details like adding attention getting icons for each tab.

Start Now

Here’s another thing you will like. There’s no need to worry about single site licenses, developer’s licenses or any kind of licensing because you are going to know how to set all of this up based on your existing theme or your own design.

The method you will learn is also 100% controllable. What that means to you is, you won’t have to go back to Facebook to tweak or change your content. You can do it entirely on your own web site or… from your own WordPress powered site.

Integrate Your Blog

Talking about WordPress, we also guide you on how to create custom tabs using WordPress. The best thing about it, we’ll show you a method that:

  • Does not require you to set up separate WordPress blogs so you have less sites to maintain
  • Uses your existing blog content so you won’t have to cross post or re-post, saving you tons of time
  • Lets you add as many Pages for Facebook as your heart’s desire and not affect your existing blog or site

I’m Ready

Here’s What You Get

In this Custom Tab GPS training program, you will receive:

  • A step-by-step webinar recording to help you get your web pages into your Facebook Fan Page
  • A copy of the webinar slides so you get a clear picture of each steps
  • Clear video tutorials how to use WordPress to manage the content of you custom tabs
  • Easy to follow video tutorials how to use iThemes Builder to create pages for your custom tabs and how Builder shines when it comes to custom tabs
  • How to create pages for custom tabs using a child theme for the Genesis framework, great for StudioPress fans
  • Example pages and templates of everything you see in the video tutorials so you can quickly refer or use as starting points saving you a ton of time

Get The Guidance You Need Now

You can get this entire training package for an ultra affordable $20. This is a one-time price with no recurring payments.

Don’t let the price fool you. We take pride in the quality of our training programs. Our students love our clear instructions and many have taken the skills they learned from us them to add value for their customers and even launch new businesses.

Click To Start

Are you a Pro member? Then use your points to redeem this training for no additional cost
*Note: Prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice

What Others Are Saying

Thanks so much for the Facebook session today. It was very helpful.

Denise O’Berry of DeniseOBerry.com



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