February 23

Display WordPress User’s Name On Page or Sidebar

Objective: This checklist walks you through the steps to take to retrieve user information from your WordPress site and display it in a post, Page or sidebar.

Displaying in the sidebar
  • Using a text editor or via your WordPress admin > Appearance > Editor, locate and open the sidebar.php file in your current template folder.
  • Scroll to the location you want to place the user’s name and paste the following PHP code. You can also paste this code into a widget, but you must have a plugin such as Executable PHP Widget plugin installed.
            global $current_user;
            get_currentuserinfo(); ?>
            Hello <?php echo $current_user->user_firstname; ?> <?php echo $current_user->user_lastname; ?>
  • You may have to adjust the HTML around the PHP code so the name will display properly, depending on your theme.
  • Save the sidebar.php file
  • Refresh your page. You must be logged in to be able to view the changes.
Displaying in a Page or post
  • Install or make sure a plugin that lets you run PHP such as PHP Execution is installed.
  • Create a new post or Page
  • Paste the code from step 2 above
  • Click Save Draft or Publish


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