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Download PayPal History To QuickBooks


Objective: To download your PayPal accounting history into your QuickBooks program for easy financial recording.

  • STEP 1: Log in to PayPal

    • Go to www.PayPal.com

    • Choose the Personal or Business account tab (the type account you have)

    • Enter your username & password and choose “Log In”

If you don’t have an account, create one (free) then follow these steps

PayPal History 1

  • STEP 2: Select History Details

    • Choose History  Download History

PayPal History 2

You have two choices for downloading your history.

Option 1:

    • Select and enter the Date Range you want to download.

    • Select the file type you want to download (Quickbooks in this case)

Option 2:

    • If you have downloaded your history before, you can choose Last Download to Present which will download everything since the last time you downloaded your history.

    • Select the file type you want to download (Quickbooks in this case)

PayPal History 3

    • Click Download History

  • STEP 3: Set Account Names

    • Enter the account names as you have them set in your QuickBooks software.

PayPal History 4

    • Choose Download Log


  • – When the file is ready to be downloaded (sometimes it takes a while if there is a lot of activity. Go to Download My Activity and Recently Downloaded logs

PayPal History 5

  • Click on the Recently Downloaded Logs and the ones available will come up

PayPal History 6

  • Select the correct Quickbooks file and select Download Log from this screen. A File Download Screen will open – Please select Save. You will then name this file and save to your Desktop. (Please remember to remove the asterick or your file will not download properly

STEP 5: Importing into Quickbooks

  • –With your company file open go to File >Import> IIF files

PayPal History 7

  • Then find the File that you saved to your desktop and select open

  • Your transactions will now be in your quickbooks Paypal Account.


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