January 12

Easy WP Support Center


Professional Help Desks Don’t Have To Cost A Fortune

For many solo entrepreneurs, a full fledged support desk is probably overkill. What most need is simply a place to publish solutions to frequently asked questions about their products, offers and services. And a way for people to contact them. There’s no need to over-complicate things. Good thing, WordPress is more than capable to meet those needs.

This video guide walks you through:

  • What essential categories should be included in your help desk
  • Which plugins to make it easy to find solutions and contact you from your help desk
  • How to setup your email for two or more people to check in and still maintain all necessary information in the support flow
  • How to clean up the theme for a well organized support system people can get answers quickly

We’ve also included a help desk theme so you can quickly get the support center running without spending hours on design. In short, you are getting a support center kit. All you need now is just a little bit of assembly, and the videos walk you through that. Start now and you can have your support center ready by the end of the day. An excellent solution for busy service providers who want to please their clients, get the job done faster and put more money in your pocket.

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