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Edit A Web Page In Internet Based Family Web Site Builder


Objective: to use the page editor to add, change, or delete text on a Web page.

    • Log in using your website ID and Password

Edit Page IBF 1

    • Click on the Web page you want to edit.

Edit Page IBF 2

  • STEP 2: Edit Web Page.

    • Click Edit Page.

Edit Page IBF 3

    • Page Title, Subtitle & Address

      • Click inside individual boxes & use options to the right to change the font type, size, bolding, etc

      • Enter the page address to reflect the content of the page. These will have the .html extension added automatically.

The example here is the Services page. Adding services to the box will change the address for this page to www.YOURWEBSITE.com/services.html

Edit Page IBF 4

    • Page Content

      • Click inside the text box where you want to add text.

      • Highlight text you want to delete or change.

      • Use the toolbar above the text box to make changes such as font color, add hyperlinks, insert horizontal line, and align text.

        • The toolbar is similar to the toolbar used in MS Word.

        • Put your mouse over an icon on the toolbar to learn what the tool does.

Edit Page IBF 5

      • Click Save

  • STEP 3: Log Off

    • Click Exit & Logout

Edit Page IBF 6


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