January 11

Developing Efficient Customer Support Centers


Too Many Emails?
The Secret Is To Control The Number of Inboxes

It is simply not practical for a company to have an email address for every single web site it owns. This breeds the number of inboxes that has to be kept up with and can quickly get out of hand, drowning us in emails, not forgetting keeping straight which email you should use to respond or initiate contact. The smart and practical way, is to set up one central contact point for all websites the company currently has and will build for the future.

It make complete sense and customers will thank you too because they always know exactly where to get help.

This guide provides a close-up of how we managed to pull everything together for a client as well as our own network of sites. Here are some of the things you will discover in the guide:

  • How to inventory your existing contact points and where to look for long forgotten contact points
  • Which email addresses you should junk and which you should keep
  • What are the three major addresses that will support the entire company
  • Which help desk features you really need (and don’t need)
  • What to consider in order to create the best possible customer service experience

It is certainly not a difficult task how to pull a customer support center together. But when you are faced with bucket load of email addresses, each with an existing inbox and serves it’s own purpose, it can be overwhelming. The Developing Efficient Customer Support Centers guide can help you evaluate the contact points clearly so you are able to truly cut down on inboxes you don’t need, save the ones you do and finally have a leaner, more responsive customer support process in place to contain your work flow while keeping customers happy while maintaining your sanity.

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