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As the Internet matures, the more complex and sophisticated websites of the past are now standard.

Business big and small are told to integrate things like community, blogs, private member’s only content and other interactive features on their websites to keep customers engaged. These are things that require technical know-how to implement. If you are an entrepreneur, there will come a time you need to learn enough so you aren’t stuck up the creek without a paddle when help is not available. If you are a service provider, this is even better news. Busy business owners would much prefer to outsource it to youIF you know how to do it. But how do you get that knowledge?

Until now, you had to search for bits and pieces of code and how-to’s then assemble things together yourself, or work through a boring book thick and heavy enough to kill. It works – to a point. You know enough to complete small tasks (or enough to be dangerous) but you don’t necessarily have the depth of skill to take things further and get on with your project. We want to help you change that, beginning with some free training.

You read that right. We have lined up technical training and help, available to you at no charge. Expect to receive:

  • Tried and tested code snippets
  • Exclusive invites to classes
  • Creative ideas how to use your new skills for clients or in your own marketing
  • Mini-tutorials
  • Practical instruction
  • Related news and help on building your service business
  • And much, much more

Simply enter your name and email address below and we’ll save you a spot for valuable technical training that you can use immediately on your web sites or turn around and offer clients at premium rates.

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