March 17

How To Add Products To Cafepress


Objective: to add products to your shop.

  • STEP 1: Add A Product

    • Log into your account

    • Click the Products link


    • If you have a free shop, you are only able to add 1 of each product; however, you can have a different graphic on each item.

    • Click the link to see the product selections.


  • STEP 2: Add Images

    • Click select image to upload, tag, and choose the image


    • Upload and tag your image. Click done.


    • Select your image


      • After you select the image, you will be taken back to the area where you can add the products to your shop.

    • Select products individually or add everything at once.


    • Click the button to add products and graphics to your shop


      • You will be taken to your shop.

  • STEP 4: Customize Products

    • Use the check boxes and dropdown box to customize several products at once.


    • Select Change Name and click Go.

    • Check the items you’d like to change or select the “check all items” box

    • Insert the design name in the “Change name to” box

    • Click Apply Changes

      • The design name will show up before the product name (for example – Sweetie Reader Mousepad.)

    • Select Change Price Markup

    • Check the items you’d like to change or select the “check all items” box

    • Choose the markup and select Apply Changes.

    • Edit each product to add a description and alter graphic size or position.

    • Click Continue until all changes are complete.

    • Click Save and Finish when each is done.


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