March 17

How To Check Faxes In


Objective: To check received faxes inside your account.

You must first have your efax account set up.

  • STEP 1 Dashboard Overview
    • Log in to your efax account
    • On your dashboard, you can see how many faxes have been received
    • Click the blue number


  • STEP 2 View Faxes
    • Click eFax Message Center from the right navigation bar


Here you can view, delete, forward, move and download individual messages

  • To view a fax, click the fax subject to view the fax as shown on the next page


This will open up so you can view the message. At the bottom of the message, you can download, go back to your inbox, and navigate to the previous or next message.


Additional Notes

To send a fax, simply enter the information on the dashboard of your account or click the Send Fax link from the sidebar of step 2 and fill in the details.

Messages can be sent to your email account so you do not have to manually check these. This will be set up when you create your account.

Manually checking faxes is handy if you are away from your office or are expecting a fax but don’t want to open your email.


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