January 4

How To Create A Screenshot


Objective: to create and edit a screenshot using your PaintShop Pro program.

  • STEP 1: Open your PaintShop Pro program

    • Click Start > All Programs > Paintshop Pro

    • Once open, minimize this screen temporarily

  • STEP 2: Select Your Picture

    • Go to where you want to create a screenshot

    • Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard (typically located near the delete key)

  • STEP 3: Paste into Paintshop

    • Maximize PaintShop so that it’s open on your desktop again.

    • Right-click and choose Paste As New Image


This will give you a full-screen picture of whatever you were doing when you hit the Print Screen button as shown below.


  • STEP 4: Crop Your Photo

    • Using the crop feature, click the crop icon


      • Left-click your mouse and drag the crop box around the part you want saved.

      • Once in place, double-click the left mouse button. You’ll now be left with only the part you wanted saved.


  • STEP 5: Annotate

    • Add annotations and symbols

      • Add text with the Text feature (how we added the “insert text” to the screenshot below)

      • Add freehand drawing with the Draw feature (the red smile)

      • Insert Symbols (such as the star)


    • Merge Layers

      • All layers must be merged or it will not paste to a new document.

      • Click Layers –> Merge -> Merge All (Flatten)


  • STEP 4: Save the graphic

    • Click File -> Save

Now it’s ready to be attached to an email, added to a website or anything else you want to do with it.

  • STEP 5: Paste the graphic

    • If you don’t want to save it, but instead want to paste it into something like a word document, simply:

      • Right-click and choose Copy

      • Go to your word document

      • Right-click again and choose Paste


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