December 13

How To Mass Pay Affiliates With PayPal


Objective: To pay all affiliates with a single upload of a tab-delimited file into PayPal.

Note: You must have a Premier or Business account at PayPal. This training sheet assumes you already have that set up. If you do not, you can sign up for one at

STEP 1: Download Mass Pay File

  • Log into your ShoppingCart account

  • Navigate to your Affiliate Reporting area and download the Mass Pay or Excel report for the month.

    • Any spreadsheet program should work as long as you can save as tab-delimited.

  • Ensure the data is listed in this order

    • Column one: Affiliate email address

    • Column two: Payment amount owed to that affiliate

    • Column three: The three-letter currency code

      • USD for U.S. Dollar

      • EUR for Euro

      • CAD for Canadian Dollar

      • and so forth

IMPORTANT! You can only have ONE currency per file. For example, if you have affiliates in Canada and the USA, you will need to have one file for Canada and a separate file for the affiliates residing in the U.S.

  • Save File as Text (Tab Delimited) from the dropdown menu

Save File As

STEP 2: Upload to PayPal and Initiate Payment

  • Log into PayPal

  • Navigate to Send Money -> Make a Mass Payment

Send Money

  • Click Browse and upload the text file you saved in Step 1

  • Select Recipient Type, in this case Email Address

  • Add a Subject and Note (both optional)

Send Money

  • Click Continue to review your payment details

  • Click Send Money

That’s it! You’ve just paid all of your affiliates.


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