December 15

How to Set Up a Mailing List in Quicksales


Objective: to set up a mailing list in Quicksales

STEP 1: Log in to QuickSales at

  • Enter your user name and password

  • Click Submit


STEP 2: Create Message

  • Choose Email & Marketing –> Autoresponders -> Create Autoresponder

Create Autoresponder

  • Fill in the following fields:

    • Autoresponder Name: Name your list

    • From Email Address: The address from which mailings will be sent from and replies sent to

    • From Name: Your company name

    • Sharable: Choose YES, if you are importing this mailing list into another list with the Inherit Autoresponder option.

    • Opt-In Verification: If you are using this option, select a template to use from the drop down list.

* Click the Next link to change off and on.

The other fields can be left at their default settings.

Set up

STEP 3: Save

  • Click the Save button to save your newly created list.

STEP 4: Log Out

  • Click File -> Exit to log out of Quicksales.


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