December 13

How to Set Up a New Mailing List in Aweber


Objective: to set up a new mailing list messages using Aweber

NOTE: You must already have a list set up before you can do this.

  • STEP 1: Log in to your account at

    • Enter your user name and password

    • Click Login

Customer login

  • STEP 2: Create List

    • Click Add New

Add new list

    • Click Create List

Create list

  • STEP 3: Enter List Details

    • Enter the information into the boxes provided clicking save after each one.

      • List Name: Name the list you are creating

      • Description: Create a description of the list

      • Company Name: Your company name

      • URL of Company Logo: Where your logo is housed

      • Website URL: Your domain name

List details

      • HTML Color Divider:

      • Reply to Address: The name and address in which the messages will be sent from and replies sent to.

Customize list

    • Click Save

      • You can further customize your list with signatures and other information using the List Settings tab.

  • STEP 4: Exit

    • Click File -> Exit to close Aweber.


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