December 15

How to Set Up a New Product in WahmCart


Objective: to set up a new product in WahmCart.

  • STEP 1: Log in to your account at

    • Enter your user name and password

    • Click Login

  • STEP 2: Set Up Product

    • Choose Products –> Add

Products -> Add

    • Enter Product Information

      • Product Name: Name you want displayed on the order form

      • Product Price: Price of the product

      • Product Commissions: Do you want to pay commissions on this product?

      • Show to Affiliates: If you offer an affiliate program, do you want to show this product to your affiliates?

      • Redirect URL: Page url where prospects will be taken when redirecting through an affiliate link.

      • Followup After: If you want to delete the customer from one list but add them to a new list once they purchase, fill this out.

Enter product information

    • Enter Commissions, Shipping and Tax Information (optional)

      • First Tier Percentage: If payout is different from default settings

      • Second Tier Percentage: If payout is different from default settings

      • Shipping: Do you want to collect shipping info on this product?

      • Taxes: Do you want to charge taxes?

      • Product Weight: Fill this out if you are selling a tangible product that requires shipping.

Enter commissions, tax and shipping

    • Complete Custom Settings and Catalog Information (optional)

      • Custom Settings: override settings in your merchant account to create a custom look for your order page.

      • Catalog Information: Only required if you are generating a dynamically generated shopping cart.

Custom settings and Catalog

  • STEP 3: Save

    • Once satisfied, click Add Product


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