January 3

How To Set Up Order Discounts In Quicksales or 1ShoppingCart

Objective: To upload a digital product that will automatically allow your customers to access your products.

  • STEP 2: Select Order Discounts

    • Click on Products -> Order Discounts


  • STEP 3 Set Up the Discount

    • In this example, let’s imaging that you want to create a discount for orders $50 or more.

    • The first step is to specify that there is no discount on orders $49.99 and under as shown below:


    • Enter the maximum amount for the 0% discount (0% is the default) and then click “Add Order Discount”

IMPORTANT: If you want to set your discounts as $ amounts off, you have to do this in the first step. All your discounts must offer either a percentage or a dollar amount off. To choose $ off instead, use the drop down box at “Discount and Type” as shown below:


    • Once you have entered that, you will be taken to a screen that now shows your 0% discount level:

  • At this point, you can create a level where you actually create a discount. Again, our example is using a discount on orders $50 and over. Just enter an upper limit for the discount (if you want to do a further discount on orders of $100 and over, for example…just enter $99) and select your percentage off.


  • Once you click “Add Order Discount”, you’ll now see the discount in the discount list:



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