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How To Use Entrecard


Objective: To promote your site or blog using Entrecard.

NOTE: You must already be registered at Entrecard to begin.

  • STEP 1: Log in to your account at http://entrecard.com

    • Enter your user name and password

    • Click SignIn

    • You can only have one blog/site per account. To use entrecard for multiple blogs/sites you need to create separate accounts using different email addresses.

  • STEP 2: Add widget to your blog.

    • After logging in, click on Get Code. There are three sizes to choose from to display on your blog or website’s side bar.

Using entrecard 1

Back on your blog or site….

    • Copy and paste the code into a widget on your blog.

    • Save changes.

Using entrecard 2

It now shows up in the sidebar of your blog or site

Using entrecard 3

STEP 3: Dropping your card.

    • Visit blogs and sites on the web as you normally would. When you see an entrecard user click “Drop”

      • This only works when you are logged in to Entrecard.

    • In the screen below we are visiting table4five.net After we click drop, the Entrecard widget says “Thanks!”

Using entrecard 4

  • STEP 3: Browsing through and card dropping.

    • After clicking drop, simply follow the widget and go to the blog advertising in that Entrecard Widget. In this case the next blog is called The Pond. We’ll click on their card.

Using entrecard 5

    • We can then drop our card on their blog, read their blog, and click on the blog advertising in their Entrecard widget.

    • Following this method allows you to drop several cards in one day which in turn gets you ranked higher in the Entrecard system.

  • STEP 4: Allowing advertising on your Entrecard Widget.

    • When you login to the Entrecard site. You will be taken to your dashboard.

    • You can see who has dropped their card, as well as approve or decline advertisers.

Using entrecard 6

  • STEP 5: Advertising on other Entrecard user’s widgets.

Back on the dashboard…

    • Click on the Campaign tab this time.

Using entrecard 7

    • Choose the category that best suits your blog/site. For this example we’ll use hobbies.

    • Click on the category. This takes you to a page showing all the blogs/sites displaying widgets that you can use credits to purchase advertising on.

    • Browse through these and choose one that is a good fit for your blog

    • When you find one, click on Advertise.

    • Make sure you have enough credits to advertise on that blog.

    • Confirm on the next screen.

That’s it. You are now an Entrecard user! Enjoy surfing and advertising.


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