January 11

Make Your Ebooks Sexy With OpenOffice


Turn Forgettable Ebooks Into Memorable Ones People Love To Share

Ebooks are so common place online. But that’s not the problem. The real problem is, they look really bland and boring. Who wants to sit and read a white page with a sea of black text? That probably explains why we have burgeoning hard drives filled with hardly opened ebooks. One way to entice people to read is to whet their appetite by making your Ebook visually stand out and read better. While you can’t make people open your book but if you can wow them when they open it, the chances of having your ebook read and remembered is a lot higher.

Make Your Ebooks Sexy is an 8-part video resource detailing every step on styling your document in OpenOffice, a free, robust office suite. The resource topics such as:

  • How to set up default styles so you can start off with a good basis and change the whole document in a few clicks
  • How to take full advantage of styles so different elements like headings, line spacing and pages can quickly be changed from one place and only once, saving you a ton of work
  • How to set up headers and footers what are same or different on each page to maintain branding and keep the reader informed where they are at all times
  • How to develop custom styles to highlight the important information, comments or side-notes
  • Making the Ebook look more like a real book by adding a cover that is different from other pages
  • Creating an automatic table of contents for quick and easy reader reference
  • How to save your styles and re-use them over and over again in other documents to save a lot of time and maintain your branding

You can also apply the skills taught in this resource to any document such as reports and letters, not just Ebooks. A service provider could easily use this skill to develop pre-built styles and sell them to customers so that they can DIY if you get busy. Definitely a smart way to build more passive income streams so you can cut down trading hours for dollars.

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