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Welcome! I’m so glad you could train with us. You made a great decision. Continuously updating and expanding your skillset is so important for the growth of your business. Especially if you are a service provider. We are always conscious of that here because, we are service providers too. That’s why we are always open to your suggestions for new courses or anything about the site. We want to deliver the highest quality training and experience we are able to give you so feel free to let us know what’s on your mind.

If you get lost or have problems with your account, we can always be reached through our help desk over at The lady who works our helpdesk is quite attentive and will be happy to help.

Now, time to get cracking. From now on, every time you log in, you will be directed to Your Training Folder. That’s where you will always be able to find all the courses you have purchased. Consider it the hub of your account. Head on over there now.

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