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Overnight Affiliate Center


Quickest Way To Set Up An Affiliate Center
Without Spending Countless Hours On Manual Work

There’s more to managing an affiliate program than giving people their affiliate links. You’ve got to sell people on your affiliate program, motivate them, train those who need help, share marketing ideas, strategies and keep people informed.

To do that, you need a special site so your affiliates can find news and what they need easily when they miss your emails. But that’s the problem isn’t it? Yet another site to build. Who has time for that?

You Will, With Overnight Affiliate Center Because It Does The Heavy Lifting For You

The Overnight Affiliate Center is a WordPress kit. Run the famous 5 minute installation, activate the theme and congratulations. You have an attractive, functional affiliate center filled with 21, quality affiliate training articles, utility pages set up and neatly linked, all loaded and published. The setup package will even install and activate the plugins for you. All that’s left for you to do is to add copy about your products and affiliate program.

Watch The Kit In Action

If you ever wished websites could set themselves up so you can jump straight to the important parts, The Overnight Affiliate Center kit is it. Think about it:

  • You don’t have to buy the training PLR separately. It’s included.
  • Stop wasting time hunting or customizing a theme meant for content sites. Our exclusive theme is built to highlight an affiliate program’s key selling points and get existing affiliates where they need to go fast.
  • No more wondering what information you should add or leave out. The pages are set up for you with great ideas and tips. All you do is flesh it out.
  • You save money outsourcing because the setup package literally sets it all up for you.
  • Save time so you can get your affiliate center running and move on to other things on your list. Even if you outsource, the faster your helper gets the job done, the less you pay.

Are you a service provider or Affiliate Manager?

We don’t have to tell you, when you take on tasks on a project basis, the faster you work, the better your profits. The Overnight Affiliate Center will cut out all that boring, routine work and let you jump into the heart of your job faster. Your clients will marvel at how quickly you work (we won’t tell them). Our open license allows you to use it on as many clients as you need for a low one time investment.

Here’s what’s included in the Overnight Affiliate Center Kit

  • The latest WordPress package with special modifications to automatically publish 21 affiliate training posts, setup pages and activate plugins for you
  • A theme built exclusively for affiliate centers
  • Instruction package that also tells you how to make small customizations so your content will appear in the Admin Dashboard – great for service providers
  • A generous license to install on as many sites you own or clients’ sites as you want. WordPress, the theme, the additional code to make it all happen is all released under GPL license. The only thing that isn’t GPL is the included content. You can’t extract the content to resell it anywhere or give it away. It must be attached to your services.
  • Any future theme upgrades
  • Great support and help

Who the kit is for

To be clear, the kit is not a shopping cart, does not include one nor does it include a ready list of affiliates. It is best for business owners and affiliate managers too who already have an affiliate program and want to build a site to communicate with their affiliates.

Ready to stop losing precious time and money setting up from scratch?  Download the Overnight Affiliate Center Kit now and you can cross another task off your to do list tonight.

Get your kit for a super low price of only $39.98 $29.98
Pro members get this for 30 points (A bargain!)
This price can change at any time. Get it today to avoid disappointment.

P.S.: Still thinking about it? Consider this. How much do you think you would pay for someone to add 21 training articles for you, time to install and customize a theme to suit an affiliate center, set up the pages, linking and plugins? The last I was quoted, it was close to $250 without content. After that, you still have to spend time to write the copy for the home page, links and instructions. With this kit, you save $200 or more.



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