January 3

Password Protect A Directory In cPanel


Objective: To require a password to view certain pages of your web page. This protects your pages from non-customers and search engines.

  • STEP 1: Create the Folder/Directory.

    • Create and name a new folder in your FTP program or in cpanel.

    • In cpanel, you can do this by clicking on “File Manager

      • Select “Create New Folder

      • You’ll see a box to fill in on the top right of the page. Above, it says, “Create a directory in…” – Type in the name of the folder you want to create.

      • Click “Create

  • STEP 2: Use cPanel to Password Protect the folder you created

    • Click “Password Protect Directories

    • Click the folder/directory that you just created and want to password protect

    • On the next page, click the box beside the picture of the lock that says, “Directory requires a password to access via the web

    • Click Save

    • Add a user name and a password. You need to both of these at the same time.

    • Then click “change password” and you’re all set.


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