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Password Protect A Folder in cPanel

This will show you how to protect a folder in cPanel using password authentication. Anyone who has a password will be able to log in and view contents of this folder. Otherwise they will receive an unauthorized message.

  1. Log in to your cPanel
  2. Click the link icon that says Password Protect Directories

  3. Locate the folder you would like to protect. You can also protect the public_html which will put your entire website under protection. Just remember if you password protect the public_html folder, nothing on the site is accessible until people log in.
  4. Click the password protect this directory checkbox. You can type a name for the directory if you choose. It is not necessary. Click Save.
  5. Next, create a login. On the same screen, locate the Create user section. Enter a username and password of choice. Click Add/Modify Authorized User.
  6. You’re done. Next time you visit the site, you’ll be asked to login with the username and password you just created. You can create more users if you wish.
  7. To remove password protection you simply uncheck the checkbox in step 4 and Save. Deleting users is optional and might be a good idea if you are no longer using that username and password.


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