January 3

Password Protect Your Pages in InternetBasedFamily


Objective: to require a password to view certain pages and to not allow web crawlers to access the sites and index them.

Log in to your account at www.internetbasedfamily.com

  • STEP 1: Create the page(s) you want to password protect

    • Click “Add Page” and choose the type of page you’d like to create.

    • Choose a name for the page and click “Add Web Page”


    • You can either add your page content now or come back to it later.

    • Repeat if necessary

  • STEP 2: Password protect the page

    • Click on "Manage Pages" from your toolbar


    • Click on the “Password Protect Pages” tab

    • Enter a password beside each page you wish to password protect. Leave the text box blank for any pages you want to have available to the public without a password.

    • Click save

    • Confirm your project description


Note: If you use the same password on several pages, the visitor need only input the password once and then all pages with that password become available.

If you wanted to password protect your whole site, just input the same password for all pages.


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