July 1

Post a Job on Elance.com


Objective: to outsource your projects so that you will have more time to work on your business and marketing

  • STEP 1: Log-in at elance.com

  • STEP 2: Select your Project Category

    • Click on Post a Project

Elance 1

    • Select the best category from the list provided for that best described your project.

    • Narrow down the category by selecting a subcategory

Elance 2

  • STEP 3: Describe Your Project

    • Create a project title

      • Add the subject of your project. It can be specific or general like “easy online research”

      • If a potential bidder contacts you to ask about the subject, always offer more information so they can decide on whether the project is suitable for them.

    • Describe your project

      • Include quantity and other expectations you may have. Be as detailed as possible.

Elance 3

    • Set project preferences

      • Post the job between 1 and 12 days

      • Select start-date range of project after accepting a bid

      • Select budget

        • If possible, do not select “Not sure” as it will be more difficult to get serious bidders. Have a look at what others are bidding on projects of similar to yours to help determine your budget.

      • Attach any files, if necessary

    • Set communication preferences

      • This allows the freelancer to contact you via Elance’s private message board with any questions they may have

    • Select project level

      • By selecting the Select Level:

        • a $25 deposit is required (that is rewarded if/when you select a provider)

        • providers are charged more to bid in this level

        • bids cannot be read by providers

      • By selecting the Basic Level:

        • you get more bids from a wide range of providers

Elance 4

  • STEP 4: Authenticate Your Credit Card

    • Before posting, Elance must verify that the credit card you provided to pay the providers is yours

    • Elance temporarily charges two small amounts onto your credit card

    • Go to your Account page and click the Confirm Authentication link to enter the amounts charged to your credit card

    • If the amounts match, your credit card is authenticated

  • STEP 5: Confirm Your Project Description

    • Review your project details and click the “Post Project Now” button


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