January 4

Posting A Job On Rent-a-Coder


Objective: to outsource projects so that you will have more time to work on your business and marketing

    • Click Software Buyers or How Does It Work for Buyers?


    • Click Request Bids


    • Click link for creating a free account.


    • Enter email address.

    • Click OK.


    • Enter the temporary password Rent A Coder emailed to you.

    • Click OK.


  • STEP 2: Project Details

    • Create a title for your project.

    • Select a project type.

    • Select bidding type.

      • Choose if you want the project open for everyone to bid on or if you want to invite specific people to bid.

    • If a non-disclosure agreement is required, check the box.

      • Checking the box will reduce the number of bids you receive.

    • Click Next.


STEP 3: Describe Your Project

    • Write a general description of your project.


    • Describe specific details of your project.

      • Rent A Coder provides templates you can use.


      • Rent A Coder Templates


    • Upload files relevant to project.

      • Files must be in .zip format.


    • Enter what operating system or environment project will be used on.

      • An example is Windows XP.

    • Click Next.


  • STEP 4: Bid Request Details

    • Enter how many days the professional has to complete the project.

      • The clock does not start ticking until you accept a bid, deposit funds in escrow, and the funds verified.

    • Enter the maximum bid amount you will accept.

    • Enter date and time the bidding for your project closes.

    • Two optional choices are available to select.

    • Read Customer Software Buyer Agreement.

      • Click if you agree to abide by the terms and conditions.

    • Click Next.


STEP 5: Location Specifications

    • Select if you want the professional to be from a country with an emerging economy or a mature economy.

      • There are pros and cons to each choice.



    • Select if you have any English language requirements.

    • Select if you want to narrow location further.

    • Click Next.


  • STEP 6: Project Categories

    • Select a maximum of ten categories that best match your project.

      • General categories can be narrowed further.

    • Click Next.


  • STEP 7: Buyer Details

    • Enter a screen name for yourself.

    • Enter your name, billing address, time zone, and phone number.

    • Click Next.


    • Select how you want Rent A Coder to notify you of bids on your project.

    • Select if you want to be alerted to changes at Rent A Coder’s Web site.

    • Select if you want your credit card number or PayPal name remembered when you accept a final bid.

      • Uncheck the box if you do not want this information seen by anyone you delegate to post a job for you.

    • If you do not want project and bid information shown after you choose a professional, click Auto-privatize.

      • Your public auction will change to private auction.

    • Click Next.



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