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Radical Automation Access


This page contains the Radical Automation Video Training Program and the software – Macro Marketer. Macro Marketer is an extremely powerful software even though it’s not much to look at. As with everything powerful, there is a learning curve. That is why the Radical Automation Training was created. To help you use the software. Be patient with yourself. I know I felt like a kid in a candy store when we first got this software but got nowhere fast because I didn’t heed the advise to watch the videos first. Even today, I’m still learning new ways to use it and find it an excellent investment that is part of my daily work for many years to come.

Once again, do take time to watch the first set of training videos once over – just to give you an idea what to expect. I cannot stress that more. Then, you should install the software, request your license key, clear some time to watch the videos again as you follow along.


Software Orientation [Download all videos]
How to install Macro Marketer General training Basic Commands The importance of delays
Capturing A Macro Live How to create a repeating macro How to create a shortkey macro Testing your macros

Macro Marketer Software
This is your software. Follow the instructions inside the folder to generate your license key, or click here.

Instant Automator Macro Files. These are the macros created for you so you don’t have to. All you will need to do from here is to tweak where needed. If you upgraded to Gold, don’t download this, download the Gold macro pack below.

Automation Blueprint
Use this to give you a general overview of the macros and provide ideas how you can use them in your daily work.

Macro Marketer Manual
A written manual for the software. The videos will be much more helpful but we’ve included it in case that’s what you prefer.

Additional Training

The following videos will teach you how to use Macro Marketer for common Internet Marketing tasks. This is a great set to get your feet wet with and also demonstrates how you can further create your own with a little creativity.

Automation Pack [Download all videos]

File Conversion

Create product reviews quickly

Log in to sites automatically

One button press

Web design menu

Monitoring websites

Radical Automation Gold

Below, you will find access information to the live classes, recordings and another set of video training for more Internet Marketing related and daily tasks that you may have to do. This pack is only available to you if you have upgraded your training to Gold. If you didn’t, you can still upgrade for $127. If you are a Pro member, you can use your credits to upgrade.
[private_Radical Automation Gold]

Automation Pack Gold [Download all videos]

Using macros for Twitter

Backup cPanel automatically

Automate your emails

Using macros for language translation

Create multiple website templates

Using Macro Marketer for Accounting and PPC Stats

Gold Instant Automator Macro Files. These are the macros created for you so you don’t have to. All you will need to do from here is to tweak where needed. If you upgraded to Gold, download this one, not the one above.
Bonus Macros and Videos [Download all videos]

Simple auto-text-typing macros

Tips and caveats for using and creating macros

WordPress backup macro

WordPress upgrade macro – auto upgrade method

WordPress upgrade macro – Putty method

WordPress plugin upgrade macro

Lynette’s Macro Files These are the macros demo’ed in the videos above. To use them download and unzip on your computer. Launch Macro Marketer, in the menu bar, click File >> Import >> Select the .mex file.

[/private_Radical Automation Gold]


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