June 2

Rapid Wishlist Membership Site Development


Start Profiting With The Hottest Membership Site Plugin
Before The Week Is Over

There’s no denying the Wishlist Member plugin for WordPress is one of the simplest ways to build a membership site. Many techno-phobes have claimed they had their membership site up in a few minutes. While that may be true, there is a small learning curve. Every software does. Until you grasp how a software works and can envision how you will connect it with the type of site you want to build, you will find yourself going over and over the manual trying to understand the system.

We are all in business to make money. Not spend precious time learning software. That is why this training module is designed to demonstrate how to set up four of the most common membership sites.

  • A simple, single level membership
  • Multiple level memberships
  • Fixed Term memberships
  • Membership sites with multiple level forum access

Instead of learning how to use the software, we walk you through it. We even created models with sample content, Pages, code and a theme so your membership site is already partially built from the moment you begin watching the videos. Your biggest task is to fill the site with your membership content – something you probably already have ready to go.

That’s not all. Here’s what else you will discover, clearly demonstrated in easy to follow chunks of 27 videos.

  • How to test your membership site to ensure the permissions are set up properly.
  • How to solve the biggest problem with Wishlist – the absence of an affiliate program – and do it for free.
  • Where to get a quality shopping cart that is still fully supported, built by marketers and for marketers for free.
  • Special code written by us that uses the WishList API to help create advanced, interactive membership experience for your members.
  • Tips on designing your membership site so your members get a quality experience they won’t want to leave every time they log in.

This training is best for those who already have some experience building web sites, better yet, those who know how to install and work with WordPress. If that sounds like you, grab this training now for only $24.97. You could start offering Wishlist Membership setup services and be making back the investment many times over before the week is out.

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