April 15

Record And Edit Video In Camtasia


Objective: Learn to create and edit a Camtasia Video

Creating a Video

  1. Step 1: Open up your Camtasia Studio

    • A small welcome window will show up

    • Choose the Start a new project by recording the screen then click ok


  1. Step 2: New Recording Setup

  • What would you like to record give you three options

    • Region of screen

      1. Select region (this is a basic click and drag area of the screen that you would like to record)

    • Specific window

      1. Select Window (press select button and to select window by highlighting it and pressing the left mouse button)

    • Or entire screen


Once you have selected one Click Next

  1. Step 3: Recording Options

    • (choose the recording option you would like to include in your recording)

      1. Record Audio

        1. (record audio while recording the screen)

      2. Record Camera

        1. (record Camera video while recording the screen)


Once you have selected one click next

  1. Step 4: Begin Recording

  • Click red record button on Camtasia recorder or F9 to start recording

  • Click stop button on Camtasia recorder or F10 to stop recording


Click finish to begin recording

Small Camtasia Recording box will show up

  • Record button

  • Pause button

  • Stop Button


  • Once you begin recording it is very simple you go about recording the screen

  • If you choose the audio recording you can go ahead and talk as you record.

  • If at any time you need to pause the video just click the Camtasia recoding box and click pause.

  • Once you are done recoding you will click on the stop button

  • Hitting the stop button will bring up a screen that shows you exactly what you have recorded. Once you have previewed it you will need to save it so that you can edit it

Editing Camtasia Video

  1. After saving it will bring up a Post-Save Option and you will have three options to choose from

  • Edit my recording

  • Produce My video in a sharable format

  • Or record another video

For right now we are going to choose edit my recording


Click ok

  1. From there you can do so many different things to edit your video

    • The easiest way to figure these out to click on each one individually and then click on assist me. In Assist me it give you a quick run down of each edit and how to use them

  • Tranistions


  • Callouts


  • Zoom-n-panel


  • Flash quiz


  • Captions


Once you are done save your product. And you are done


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