January 24

Saving Affiliate ID Into Aweber


This checklist walks you through the steps how to capture, then insert an affiliate’s ID into Aweber when they subscribe to a list.

Step 1 – Add Custom Fields

  • Log into Aweber, navigate to the list you want to work with
  • From the navigation bar, go to My Lists >> Custom Fields
  • In the empty field at the bottom, enter a name for the affiliate ID. We like to use the same ones as what our shopping cart uses. Then click the plus sign to add the field

Step 2 – Create the subscription form

  • Navigate to Web Forms
  • Create a new form – or if you have an existing form you’d like to use you can edit it.
  • In the form editor, add the new custom field you just created to store your affiliates’ ID.

    Save your web form, Go to Step 2 to add your confirmation and already subscribe page URLs as usual
  • Save your web form and Go to Step 3. Click “I Will Install My Web Form”, then the “Raw HTML Version” tab
  • Copy the code for the form and paste it into a page on your web site. Make sure the file is a .php.

Step 4 – Editing the subscription form to hide custom field

  • After pasting the code into your page, at the top of the page, paste the following code.
// This code grabs the data from the URL and temporarily stores it for use later on this page$aff_id = filter_var($_GET['aff_id'], FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING);
  • Locate the custom aff_id input field in your Aweber form code. Remove the label – this will remove the aff_id from showing up on your form. Then in the input field’s name enter the following code:
< ?php echo htmlentities($aff_id); ?>

Save your file and test. You can do this in WordPress but you should use a plugin like runPHP, Executable PHP Widget or PHP Execution in order to run these codes inside posts, pages or sidebars If you are confused, review the Lab video recording.


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