February 10

Set Up an Account in Thunderbird


Objective: to set up a new account using Thunderbird.

Ensure you have the program downloaded and installed.

STEP 1: Open Thunderbird
Click Start > All Programs > Thunderbird > Thunderbird

STEP 2: Set up New Account

Click Tools > Account Settings

Click Add Account

Choose Email Account ? Next

Create Identity

  • Enter the name you want to appear in the “From” field of outgoing messages.
  • Enter the email address others will use to send email to you

Click Next

Enter Incoming Server Information

  • Choose POP (default option)
  • Checking Global Inbox will make all your email come to one inbox. Unchecking this will allow email to come to a separate inbox for that account only.
  • Enter Incoming Server information (get this from your host provider)


Click Next

Enter Email Address & Click Next

Name the Account

  • Choose a name in which you want to refer to this account

Click Next

Verify Information

  • Verify information is correct
  • Click Finish

You should now see your new account in your list as shown below

Click Ok

STEP 4: Set Up Outgoing Server Information

  • Click the + sign next to Local Folders
  • Choose Outgoing Server (SMTP)


Click Add

Enter Description, Server Name & Email Address

Click Ok

You should now see it in your server list. If this is the only account you have set it, it will automatically be the default account.

If you have more than one, you will click your new account and set the outgoing server to the account you just created as shown below.

STEP 5: Exit Thunderbird

  • Click the red X in the upper right-hand corner or go to File > Exit


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